Sheikh Imran Hosein exclusive interview: “What happens in Syria was predicted by Prophet Muhammad” (IV)

Authors: Mohamed El-Ghazi, M. Aït Amara
We hope that you’ll honor us by a visit here in Algeria which we shall be delighted to organize…

Authors: Mohamed El-Ghazi, M. Aït Amara
We hope that you’ll honor us by a visit here in Algeria which we shall be delighted to organize…
I would be delighted to visit Algeria and Morocco, and I pray that it may one day be possible for me to do so Insha Allah. The problem I face is that the only language that I use for lecturing and teaching is English. Je peux parler un peu français et comprendre, mais il m’est difficile d’animer une conférence en français. I can’t express myself at the level of exactitude that I want in Arabic or in French. And I don’t want to make mistakes while speaking. If I come to Algeria, to Morocco, to Tunisia or to Mauritania, I would have to speak in English and you will have to translate to Arabic and to French.
From an eschatological point of view, would the conflict in Syria eventually lead to a major war between the East and the West? What would be the future of the Maghreb?
Yes, without doubt, I am of that opinion. In fact this morning I met here in Brunei for about two hours with a sheikh from Syria who was accompanied by another Syrian scholar. They had viewed many of my lectures and were familiar with my thought which they respected.
I explained to them that if the situation in Syria continues as it is then, eventually, Bashar Al Assad is going to fall. If his regime collapses, Syria will become another Libya – meaning: NATO will gain a foothold in Syria. That will result in two implications: number one, good bye to Russia. The Russian naval base in Syria will become a NATO base, and Israel will be smiling. Number two: the Syrian support for Iran will be finished. Iran will be isolated. So, all that Israel has to do is to wait. Time is on Israel’s side. However, if the Zionists decide that they have waited long enough, then there is the possibility that Turkey will invade Syria using some pretext. In order for Turkey to invade Syria you need to have a deal or an understanding between Washington and Moscow. Obama can say to Putin: “if you stay out, we will stay out, but if you enter the war we will enter, then there will be a nuclear war”. So, if you see Turkey attacking Syria and Moscow does not intervene, the implication would be that there is an understanding between Washington and Moscow. If there is no understanding between Washington and Moscow then once Russia intervenes, you’ve got the beginning of what will eventually become what the Prophet alayhi assalam called the “Malhama”. The “Malhama” will be the war of all wars between the two nuclear-armed superpowers.
“Gog and Magog” is a very important subject for understanding the “Malhama”. But “Gog and Magog” is not taught. We do not have teachers who teach that subject.
Yes. It’s very important to us to understand eschatology. Our Prophet Muhammad Alayhi Salam said: “You will make an alliance with Rum”. We are familiar with Rum since Surat Rum is in the Qur’an. “Rum” in the Quran is Christian Byzantium. When the Ottoman Sultan Mohamed Fateh conquered Constantinople 600 years ago, Rum shifted from Constantinople to Russia. But prior to Rum being in Constantinople, Rum was in Italy. It was a pagan city which worshiped idols. So when Quran uses the word “Rum”, we know that it refers to eastern Christianity, i.e. Byzantium, and the Coptic Christians of Egypt belong to Rum. “And you’ll make an alliance with Rum”.
But when the word “Rum” occurs in the hadith, it can refer either to the Western alliance which emerged from pagan Rome – or the Eastern Christians, which is now Moscow. So we have to be very careful in understanding the Ahadith on Rum.
Gog and Magog are responsible for empowering the Western alliance. Gog and Magog attacked Russia in 1917 with the Bolshevik revolution, and took Russia, which is Rum, which is intensely Christian, and transformed it into an atheist state, the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union then became a nuclear-armed superpower. Prior to that, Russia was never a superpower. Rather, Russia was just one among the European powers. But when the Zionist Bolshevik revolution took place in 1917, and Russia became an atheist state, only then did Russia become a nuclear power with satellites revolving around the earth and with air power. The Zionists wanted a Russian super-power so that they could exploit it to advantage in their quest for Pax Americana or American rule over the world. But look what happened when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed: Russia is now returning to Christianity. Whether it’s Vladimir Putin or anyone else, it doesn’t make a difference. This is what is happening in Russia today. So, a Russia which was “Gog and Magog” and an oppressor State, is now returning to Rum, and it is with this Rum that Muslims will make an alliance in Akhir al-Zaman.
If Turkey attacks Syria and Russia responds by attacking Turkey, the world will witness the commencement of wars which will inevitably culminate with what the Prophet alayhi assalat wassalam has described as “Malhama”. Islamic scholarship needs to devote attention to eschatology to be able to understand the strategic environment in which we are now located and to consequently guide Muslims how to respond. Remember that in Sunan of Abu Dawud there is this hadith:
“Umran bayt al maqdiss, kharabou yathrib.
Kharabou yathrib. khouroudj al malhama.
Khouroudj al malhama, fat’hou al qustantiniya.
Fat’ho alqostantiniya, khroudj a’dajjal”
This is the time-line. So, after the “Malhama” the world will then witness “fat’hou alqustantiniya”. Mustapha Kamal did not want Muslims to remember that. No. So he changed the name of the city from Constantinople to Istanbul and made it illegal in Turkey to use the word “Constantinople”. You’ll be arrested if you were to do so.
The Young Turks acted in this manner because they wanted the Turkish people to be brainwashed into believing that the prophecy of the Nabi Muhammad alayhi essalat wassalam was already fulfilled more than 500 years ago. But that is false! The “fat’hou qastantiniya” is still to come. It will come after the “Malhama”. At that time i.e., after the “Malhama”, there will be no air power. Perhaps this is the implication of the Malhama Hadith which informs us that “birds will fall from the sky”. If all fighting will be on the land and on the sea, the strategic importance of the “fat’hou qastantiniya” after the “Malhama” is that it would open the passage-way for Russia’s navy that survives the “Malhama” to be able to enter the Mediterranean and make its way to Israel. The “fat’hou qastantiniya” is going to break the backbone of NATO. So watch carefully events now unfolding in Syria and Turkey because they provide the key to the understanding of the great wars which will culminate with the “Malhama”.
(To be followed)

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    6 février 2013 - 21 h 40 min

    I don’t understand why AP
    I don’t understand why AP hire this guy !he certainly have great skills in theology,but surely not in international strategy!just one little thing:russia will never intervene in a turkish invasion of syria!!!

    6 février 2013 - 6 h 54 min

    Dr Sheikh imran hosein giving
    Dr Sheikh imran hosein giving the knowledge which no other scholar is spreading and i hope i can meet him in pakistan INSHALLAH

    Benzaim BOUKAHIL
    5 février 2013 - 11 h 36 min

    Hi A.P and welcome to Dr.
    Hi A.P and welcome to Dr. Hussein!

    I just want to say that it would be great to see this eminent Islamic scholar giving some of his « escatoligic lectures” here in Algeria, he don’t have to be worry about his French, I’m sure that we’ll find some English to Arabic or English to French translators here in Algiers, to do a “live translation” of his lecture”!

    Anyway, I’m watching at Imran hussein’s video since a long time now,(2 years actually) and I must admit that what he predicted in this interview organised by M.Amara is kind of horrible but unfortunately probable!

    If I’m pretty confident that a big war is going to start in the middle east for control of natural resources throughout the world (oil especially) I’m just wondering how Algeria will face the power of NATO AMERICA ETC…IF THEY (as a French geopolitical expert said in a previous interview published here on « Algerie Patriotique ») decide to invade Algeria for some reasons, or if Algeria’s military power for some over reasons, decide to send troops in middle east (as Houari BOUMEDIENE did during the Egypt/Israel war in the 70s, war in which the former Algerian president Liamine Zeroual had participate in…)

    I mean do we have enough power to face a new “holy league” like the one of Lépante Battle in 1571? I really hope that Algeria’s army has enough power and weapons to protect Algeria and Algerians in a near future!

    Concerning the role of turkey in a near future:
    If turkey really invade Syria in a near future, making Turkish “Israeli allies” in this war, it would be such a shame for them, I mean Mehmet 2 (He conquered Constantinople in 1453 with 500 000 soldiers) would “die” another time, you understand me I’m sure!

    I would like to add that by the time where we are, we all (Algerians and maghrebi citizens in general) have to be really careful about what is happening near algeria’s border especially the Mali-Algeria border. Algerian Special Forces have to be ready for any situation and face any terrorists menace like at In AMENAS! Do never forget that M. Sarkozy IS SURE THAT IN THE TIME WHERE WE ARE he and his friends need what they called a “policy of CIVILISATION”-31/12/2007- look what are the consequences of his policy for libyans nowadays!

    May god protect the million and a half “shahid” country, may he bless the “bilad moujahidin”as Dr. Hussein call them.
    Algeria’s enemies have to be sure that if anyone try to conquer a single centimeter of this holy land, people like me:Benzaim BOUKAHIL, are prepared to sacrifice their life and blood to protect this country which is unfortuanetly lead by someone who should not be sit where he is sit right now, the MOURADIA PALACE.

    Benzaim BOUKAHIL, Docteur Patriotis Causa, caserne militaire de bab el oued, Alger, 29/12/2011, auteur de la magistrale riposte du 1/11/2012.
    A lire:

    Mr. Amara, I’m still waiting for a job opportunity here at “Algerie-Patriotique”, should you have any opportunity, please contact me…and publish me! Grettings from Meskiana city, wilaya Oum el bouaghi, 04250, 197 cité zaouaga layachi.

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