An interview with Gilad Atzmon: “Dieudonné has proved to be resilient to Jewish nationalist terror”

Gilad Atzmon. D. R.

Interview by Mohamed El-Ghazi, M. Ait Amara
Algeriepatriotique: Your fight against Zionism provokes critics against you in Israel and in the West. Your critics conflate consciously between ‘anti-Zionism” and “anti-Semitism”. What is the difference between these two concepts?

Interview by Mohamed El-Ghazi, M. Ait Amara

Algeriepatriotique: Your fight against Zionism provokes critics against you in Israel and in the West. Your critics conflate consciously between ‘anti-Zionism” and “anti-Semitism”. What is the difference between these two concepts?

Gilad Atzmon: Anti Semitism is a misleading notion that refers generally to criticism of Jews as ‘people’, ‘ethnicity’ or ‘race’. Such criticism that is biologically driven hardly exists nowadays.
Anti Zionism, is a different kind of fish – it refers broadly to criticism of the Jewish State, its politics, policies and ideology.
But the truth is that I do not fit to any of those categories. Though I criticize Israeli harshly and more than often, I am actually interested in the true meaning of Jewish identity, culture, politics and ideology. I believe that as long as people operate politically under Jewish banner we are entitled to question their motives, politics and philosophy. Israel defines itself as The Jewish State; hence, its Jewishness must be examined.
I am indeed critical of the Jewish State, but I am often also critical of Jewish Left and even Jewish so called ‘anti’ Zionism. I basically disapprove all ‘Jews only’ clubs, whether they are on the left or the right. I would argue that like Zionism and Israel, Jewish anti Zionism is racially driven and judeo-centric. It is primarily committed to Jewish tribal interests rather than the Palestinian cause. In my book The Wandering Who, I obviously produce enough evidence to support this claim.

You consider that the Zionists are the main cause of the global financial crisis. How?

Not exactly, in The Wandering Who I contend that a financial bubble was created in the USA and by the Federal Reserve in order to divert the attention from a military blunder, namely, a Neocon Zionist war. But I actually argue that rather than a ‘conspiracy’ the credit crunch was actually an accident. The bubble burst unexpectedly.

We tend to believe that Zionism is limited to the colonization of Palestine in order to create a state there. Now, you say that it is “a global movement fed by a unique tribal solidarity”. What do you mean by “tribal solidarity”?
To start with your terminology is slightly inaccurate. Zionism is not a colonial movement, in spite of the fact that many of us are using the term. Colonialism is defined as a material exchange between a mother State and a settler State. In the case of Zionism we can easily identify the “Settler State” but it is far more difficult to find the ‘mummy’. Also the settlement in Palestine was spiritually and ideologically driven rather than being economically motivated.
However, with Jewish Lobbies operating aggressively in most Western capitols (AIPAC, CFI, CRIF etc’) and promoting Global Zionist interests and advocating global wars against Iran and Syria, it is really impossible to avoid the fact that Zionism is now a global movement with global interests.
Tribal solidarity, in that respect, is very easy to grasp. It refers to the vast support world Jewry lends to their national movement and tribally driven campaigns.

Why should Zionism survive by creating “international gigantic scale conflicts”, as you say? In other words, why can’t Zionism live in peace?

Jewish secular identity is defined by negation. The Godless political Jew (as opposed to the orthodox one) is defined by the animosity he or she evokes in others. Jews need enemies and the existence of Jewish State in the Middle East may entail that the region will see many more sectarian wars for many years to come. But again it isn’t just Israel or Zionist politics. The judification of the Palestinian ‘solidarity’ movement introduced us to vile witch-hunts consistent with the vile Jewish herem (excommunication) culture. In the last few years we have seen the UK PSC expelling activists and even Palestinians from its ranks. As I say above, Jewish politics is defined by negation, it evokes animosity in others.

If Israel was created by the British capitalists to control the oil of the Middle East in the early twentieth century, how could Zionism take the West hostage several decades later? What led to this reversal of roles?

I don’t agree. Israel wasn’t created by the British Empire and oil wasn’t at all the logos behind the Balfour Declaration. This is a popular banal materialist Marxist fantasy that doesn’t hold water and is set to deceive.
Zionist Lobbies managed to squeeze the Balfour declaration at the peak of WWI promising to push the USA into the war in return. Britain needed the USA to join the war in order to break the stalemate at the Western Front and giving Palestine to the Jews seemed a little price to pay. The Balfour Declaration in that regard was there to appease the American Germanic patriotic Jewish financial elite who were quick change their allegiance from Germany to Britain. The message is clear, the Jewish Lobby in the USA was already amongst the most influential bodies in the USA and Britain as early as 1917.

The Western media is resistant to any criticism of Zionism. Currently, Dieudonné is attacked from every possible side in France. How do you explain this relentlessness media and political onslaught against this comedian?

Dieudonné has proved to be resilient to Jewish nationalist terror. All attempts to destroy him achieved the opposite, it only helped him to refine his humour and criticism of Jewish power. By now Dieudonné has managed to expose the lethal continuum between the Jewish Lobby, the so-called Palestinian solidarity movement and the French imaginary ‘Left’ establishment. Is it really surprise that the government that just few weeks ago shamelessly attempted to jeopardies the negotiation with Iran in a desperate attempt to appease the Israeli government is now chasing a Black comedian who refuses to subscribe to the primacy of Jewish suffering?

Unlike welded and well organized Zionists, the anti-Zionist movements seem scattered. Why don’t the latter have a strong organization to fight this sprawling group that “kills in the name of Jewish suffering”, as you say?

The Zionification of the Palestinian solidarity movement which I have been monitoring for more than a decade is pretty much completed. It located Jewish tribal interests at the centre of the Palestinian struggle. Instead of caring for Palestine, solidarity organizations are now primarily concerned with the fight against ‘anti Semitism’. The Palestine solidarity movement is now operating as a controlled opposition. It is funded largely by Liberal Zionists such as George Soros who also funds the pro-Israeli Jstreet. The same Soros funds most Palestinian NGOs and even the BDS Movement. We are seeing the emergence of a little Palestine solidarity industry that is set to achieve nothing and is actually very good at it (achieving nothing).
But on the other hand, there are some very positive developments:
More and more people out there see the real picture. And I actually take some credit for it. More and more people are becoming sensitive to Jewish lobby activity and Zionist advocacy of global conflicts. More and more people grasp the role of the Left. They see the Guardian’s attempt to vindicate Sharon. In short, more and more people grasp that Palestine is here, in Paris, in London, in Athens and in Detroit.
As it stands, we are all Palestinians. The vast popular support of Dieudonné is a clear message to AIPAC, CRIF and CFI – beware, the party comes to an end. Enough is enough.
I would be very happy to see the Jewish lobby both Zionist and the so-called ‘anti’ coming to terms with the current change, but I doubt it. Being an avid reader of Jewish history and Left dysfunctionality, I predict that the Lobby will become more aggressive and I am really concerned with inevitable consequences to Jews and the rest of us.

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