Education Degree: Top Alternatives to Teaching

There are many other ways to use the degree in your future employment. D. R.

With an education degree, you can pursue a career in curriculum and instruction design, education administration and policy, or educational technology. Find out more options from our article.

What Can You Do with an Education Degree Besides Teaching?

When students decide to get a degree in education, we commonly think that they intend to become teachers or professors. Yet, there are many other ways to use the degree in your future employment. There are many jobs in education field besides teaching and you may be surprised how rich your choice is.

What can you do with an education degree besides teach? It’s a good question, and you need to ponder the matter over to be sure your choice is correct. Even if the initial choice is not 100% suitable for you, there is a possibility to try another option because there are many careers in education besides teaching. Our informative overview highlights the best options and provides brief descriptions of them.

School Principle

We will start with the most responsible, as well as the most highly-paid profession among the jobs in education besides teaching. The average salary in the USA is $103,842 per year. As for the responsibilities, you probably understand that you will need to rule the whole school, take difficult decisions, be sure all the workers and students are satisfied, solve various issues, etc. If you are ready for this clash, you may choose this job.


What can I do with an education degree? One of the answers is to become a librarian. This is a wise person who knows about every single book, section, or category available in the library. Some people find this job pretty boring. Yet, it has many benefits. One of them is salary. The national average salary is $54,390 per year! You will always work in silence, know a lot of vital facts from various books, and always have access to whatever book you want. Therefore, this job may be quite attractive for many people.

Freelance Writer

Among various jobs in the education field besides teaching, freelance writing steps up. Perhaps because it surely has the most distant relation to education. Perhaps it provides you with real freedom of choice. At any rate, it may become a perfect job option for you. A freelancer can:

  • Plan schedule according to his/her needs;
  • Decide how many orders to accept;
  • Regulate the income;
  • Develop various skills;
  • Learn a lot of new facts every day, etc.

The national average salary is $54,428 per year. Nonetheless, it’s quite possible to earn more than $100,000 annually.

Associate Editor

What can you do with an education degree? What about working as an associate editor? The main tasks are to help with the selection of content for publication, writing, and editing. The national average salary is $54,769 per year.

Educational Consultant

What can I do with a teaching degree? You can also become an educational consultant. The main responsibilities are:

  • Offer solutions for the educational sector.
  • Consulting families about choosing schools and colleges.
  • Proposing the most suitable curriculum for students.
  • Advocating about learning styles.

The job can be pretty complicated only at the beginning while you lack experience. Once you get it, you already know how to solve any sort of learning problems, as well as recommend students and their parents’ universal curriculum solutions. It’s quite possible that you will travel from one school to another to guide even administrators and teachers of those schools. The national average salary is $59,858 per year.

Instructional Designer

The last option we propose is to be an instructional designer. The national average salary is $63,853 per year. Your responsibilities are to adapt learning plans according to the needs of a concrete student to be sure the program benefits him or her perfectly. You will also help other teachers to develop more effective teaching plans.

The Bottom Line

These are the best options that answer the question of what can I do with a teaching degree if I don’t want to teach? Consider them in detail to be sure one of them suits your perfectly. Before you acquire the desired degree, you will have to pass a lot of learning challenges. Many of them may be solved with Technology Essay Writing Help. There are many unique and effective learning apps to support students. Finally, you may hire an advanced writer to solve the most challenging tasks perfectly and fast.

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